Be careful of what you post on the internet!

It may make its way into family law court

You have heard it time and time again. “Be careful of what you post on the internet!”  Nowadays, it can cost you more than being embarrassed in front of your friends, losing your job or being ridiculed by complete strangers worldwide in the comments section of an online article.  As bad as these may be, it can be worse.  It can cost you your children.

Online and social media posts of photos, comments, and opinions are finding their way into evidence in family law proceedings at alarming rates.  Judges are using this evidence in their decisions.  Inappropriate photos and comments demonstrate poor judgment.  Poor judgment by a parent is a reason to limit a parent’s contact with their child.

The message is simple.  Never post or tweet anything that you will come to regret later.  The euphoric feeling you may get while posting will no doubt subside.  It is the regret that will linger on.

Finally, for the sake of your children’s well-being, you should conduct online searches to see if your partner/spouse has posted anything that demonstrates poor judgment.

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